The Contest

The Contest takes place every year, at Mount Thalamus, situated in the Limbics.
The winner of the contest is awarded with the much coveted position of headworker based in Central Head.
To be a headworker requires a high level of physical or mental strength.

Trialists spend 12 months living and training in the hippocampus, with only 5 contestants making it through to the final, public contest.The contest involves 5 tests plus a tiebreaker if required. 1 point is rewarded to the winner of each test. The contestant with the most points wins.

You can see a full list of previous winners here.


Test 1: The Run

A set trail which includes climbing the Hypothalamus Mountain.

Test 2: The Swim

Contestants must swim 5 times around the bay, which is quite a challenge following the Run.

Test 3: Mathematical Equation

tests the contestants mental strength.

Test 4: The Riddles

Each contestant must ask another contestant a question until all but one is eliminated.

Test 5: The Bulldog Run

Each contestant must dodge the remaining contestants to cross the finishing line. If they fall their run is over.

In the event of a tie Test 6 is chosen by the judges, from among the previous 5 tests.