Department Procedures

The Min don’t make The Will work all by themselves. Oh no. There are a lot of union rules and procedures to take into account to make things run smoothly.

Well, there needs to be doesn’t there? Otherwise there would be chaos.

Can’t have a left sided sound coming through the right ear, it’s against union rules!

– Snap Potts


The Ear Department

A sound is heard and picked up in the Ear Department. The drummer on duty bangs his drum, sending a vibration to the tympanic membrane which is filtered through the hammer, anvil & stirrup bones that then sends an amplified signal to the oval window where the signal must be processed into sound and sent into the nerves.

Once it’s in the nerves, no one can touch it because that is the Will, and the Will cannot be changed. Nos Numquam Immutare Voluntaten.