A lot has happened since my last post and things generally tend to move at the pace in which they choose to move at, in the little old world of The Will. And the min which live inside me, exactly like the ones who live inside The Will, just won’t be rushed! Continue reading

Art, yeah, but is it good or bad?

A colleague of mine once told me that categorically there is such a thing as good and bad art. My response was, how can it be good or bad, it’s art isn’t it? Isn’t it up to me to decide if I like it or not? He was a lot more knowledgeable on these matters so I just took his word for it at the time. Continue reading

Calm Down, Calm Down

As well as a writer, I am also a musician and have been playing in bands for over twenty years now. I have probably done hundreds of gigs in that time, but I still get nervous going on stage, even now... Continue reading

How I ‘rit’ me story.

When my first novel ‘Minology – The Curious Secret Of Central Head’ was published in February this year I was understandably over the moon. And it was something that came as much of a surprise to me as it did to everyone else. After the initial congratulations from friends and family people began to ask me how I did it. The types of questions that most people were asking me were things like, ‘How did you go about starting it?’, ‘Did you always know what you wanted to do with it?’ and ‘Did you plan it all out at the beginning?’ ‘Were did you get all your ideas from?’ Continue reading

What I did in my holidays by Mark Murphy aged 41 and a half

So my three weeks holiday from work is over and what have I done with it? Well, I never went on holiday, that’s for sure. I knew that once I got back to work then I just wouldn’t have enough time to put into writing my second book so the plan was always to try and get it finished before then, but I also had a million other things to do before I went back. Continue reading