Do you wanna see a picture of my home made lasagne?

Now anyone who knows me, and knows the size of my ever growing belly, can see that I love my food as much as the next person. I do, I really do love my food, but don’t we all?

Well, I think that we must love our food these days more than ever because every single day of our lives we are bombarded with pictures of it. I mean, we just can’t go half an hour out of any given day without seeing somebody posting a picture of their dinner! Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever, we are inundated with pictures of food, and not always flattering to the cook either, may I add?

I ask you though, is this a by-product of social media or have we always taken pictures of our food? Let’s have a look at this in a bit more detail.

I don’t mean for advertising purposes like in restaurants, pubs and cafes etc, that is a perfectly acceptable use of a culinary based picture, and that I’m not arguing with.

I mean, have we always whipped out the old Kodak instamatic and snapped a few pictures of our pie and chips? I don’t remember ever doing that before.

When we were at school and sat on those hastily arranged benches from the gym, sitting next to that smelly kid from class 4B, posing for our latest school uniform photographs (you know the ones which we all had to buy, even the four little ones which were farmed out to aunties and uncles for their ever growing collection?) did the photographer ever suddenly panic mid-snap and say, ‘Hang on a minute, I just need to go and take a quick picture of my tuna and mayonnaise sarnie before I forget.’ I’m not sure that he ever did to be honest.

What about all those endless hours of torture spent sitting in a work’s canteen and being made to look through Rita Wrinklebottom’s holiday snaps of her and their Burt’s recent jaunt to Benidorm? Amongst the dozens of ‘that was us when we got off the plane’ and ‘that was us when we got to the hotel room’ and ‘that was Our Burt when he sat in the sun too long one day and burnt his back’ did we ever get, ‘oh and that’s a picture of the English breakfast we had every day coz we couldn’t stand any of that foreign food so we found an English café near the beach.’ Again I’m not sure food pics were all the rage back then.

Maybe it goes back even further than that. Maybe as far back as the time of the cavemen. Amongst the ancient cave drawings outlining the faces of prehistoric man, the heroic battles which they had to fight with each other, the drawings of predators, dinosaurs and all manner of primitive life, did we ever see a depiction of Colin the caveman and his wife Mabel sitting down and preparing to munch through their stegosaurus steak and chips? Perhaps not.

Anyway, I’m not entirely without blame for this phenomenon, as I do take the odd picture and stick it on my Facebook, albeit very rarely.
Food is nice sometimes, isn’t it? Those pictures don’t half make you hungry though…

One Response to Do you wanna see a picture of my home made lasagne?

  • You take soooooooo many pie photos. Me and my better wife just peeped through your pics and they go pies, ales, cat, dof, words, pies, pie, dog, pies, cat , ales, feets…