A broken Leg, two fruit pastilles and a mud pie.

So I’ve gone and broken my leg! ‘What an absolute divvy,’ I hear you say, and you’d be right. I had an accident at work; I went and fell off some scenery. And I can honestly say that ‘I fell down some stairs.’ Well, what I actually did was fall two metres off the side of a set of stairs and on to a concrete floor, not a mistake I shall be making again in a hurry, let me tell you! And when you fall from a height of that significance, er, it hurts a bit.

I fell straight onto the side of my knee and broke a bone called the tibial spine which apparently is the bone which connects the two main femur and tibia bones in the leg. There is also some ligament damage too as the two main ACL and PCL ligaments run through there as well, so all in all, not a great thing to happen. Although I have learned a lot about the make-up of the human leg, so I suppose I could call it research for the next book in the Minology series! Every cloud and all that!

It did remind me, however, of growing up as a child and basically breaking loads of stuff. When I was little I fractured my wrist and ankle as well as breaking toes and ribs and God knows how many other injuries I received from basically falling off things. But when you’re a kid and you have a plaster cast on its great isn’t it, because you can get your mates to write on it and draw funny pictures! Mine, obviously, had LFC written all over it too which was standard issue for plaster cast adornment in our school. Either red or blue depending on which side of the fence you were on. But breaking your leg when you’re a child is alright, coz you get loads of attention and get to stay off school and watch telly and read books and stuff. But doing as an adult, however, is not good at all. In fact, I’m fed up with it already and it’s only been three weeks.

It got me thinking of other things which are great when you’re a child, but not so good when you’re an adult. Snow. Now, there’s another thing which is great when you’re a kid because you can play out in it, make snowmen, have a snowball fight and generally just get wet. When you’re an adult, however, snow is not good because you have to scrape it off the car at 7.00 in the morning before you go to work and then skid around in the street trying to retain control of the vehicle. No, snow for an adult is very different than snow for a child.

Other things that are better as a kid are fireworks, wagon wheels, staying up late, neighbours (is that still on?), camping, banana butties, egg in a cup, trying to put a fruit pastel in your mouth without chewing it (impossible!), birthdays, odd socks, fart spray, knock and run (postman’s knock to some), dog poo, rollercoasters, jumping up and down on your bed, lego, Christmas, sliding across polished floors on your knees, new trainers and mud pies.
Or maybe it’s just me?