Mark Murphy

Chapter 1

Well, it was a day just like any other day really, although I suppose that is not entirely true as the sun was shining and the sun doesn’t often shine around our way, but it definitely had the general feel… Continue reading


I fell for you, you fell for me, we spun out all the lines,
A drink or two, a pair of shoes, a clutch of better times.
For two in love, push comes to shove, we lived each other’s lives,… Continue reading

The whole, wholly hole.

I feel and I heed and I steal for a need just to find a whole system of clarity,
A dream as you say, or perhaps you will play, we could find the existence of parity,
To one who still… Continue reading

Great uncle drunk area.

I think that my ears are close to my tears coz my favourite uncle is old.
So I drink all my beers and drown all my fears ’till I’m feeble and drunken and cold.

In-growing show nail.

The young they whoop, wail and weep with the crowd, all together in drink but secretly apart.
Bravado is key, important they feel a part.
Inside the group, safe and free sing aloud, ask whatever. It’s simple, they’re never apart.… Continue reading

The Waiting Room.

Some people say, there’s always a way, to furtively sit and to sit stare.
So across the room, sat amidst the gloom, let’s do him, let’s do him over there.
I’ll look at his eyes, and the size of his… Continue reading


Oh to be loved. The bittersweet notion of a warm embrace,
I sit, alone, remembering the caring encounters of how I once breathed,
A song, say, or a note, to pray to.
And to be covered. The mouth squashed feeling… Continue reading


When work was due, anxiety grew,
And I couldn’t find a thing to do.
I sat and stared, my nostrils flared,
But nothing actually occurred.
Until I came across a plan,
A notion fit for any man.
I found the… Continue reading


Bertram had sat, alone in his flat,
Pondering green or blue for the hat,
But in his morning rush, he’d tripped on a bush and went flying head into the trees.
Soon after that, and minus the hat,
Factoring time… Continue reading


A lot has happened since my last post and things generally tend to move at the pace in which they choose to move at, in the little old world of The Will. And the min which live inside me, exactly like the ones who live inside The Will, just won’t be rushed! Continue reading